Saturday, June 21, 2014

List Of Gay Dating Celebrities Throughout History.

The Gay Dating Celebrity Checklist

Abd Al-Rahman [m] (r: 1880-1901) Afghani master (NF)Abu Nuwas [m] (ADVERTISEMENT 756?-810) Arabian poet (AA)Achilles [m] Greek legendary hero (GGG May 91)Achtenberg, Roberta [y] Bay Area town boss (MH)"Adult Children of Heterosexuals" Gay-good/gay-account audio team (LS)Ai [m] (r: 6 BC-ADVERTISEMENT 1) Chinese emperor (NF)Akhenaten [m] (1364-1334 BC) Egyptian pharaoh (OOAT, AA, GGG Jun 90)Albee, Ed [m] (1928-) U.S. playwright "Whois Scared of Virginia Woolf?"Alcibiades [m] (450-404 BC) Athenian common-statesman (GGG Jun 91, AA, OOAT)Alger, Horatio [m] (1832-1899) U.S. writer (BOL, AA, GGG Jan 90, TM)Al-Hakem II [m] (r: ADVERTISEMENT 961-976) Cordoban leader (NF)"Living!" Gay-good/gay-account audio team (LS)Allen, Chris [m] (1944-1992) Foreign performer (TM)Almodovar, Pedro [m] (____-) Spanish film maker "Connect Me-Up!Almond, Mark [m] (____-) Gay/gay-good artist (LS)Al-Mutamid [m] (r: 1069-1090) Leader of Seville (Italy) (NF)Ammiano, Tom [m] schoolteacher, comic, Bay Area School Board member (and first place election-getter) (MH)Amos, Tori [ ] (____-) Gay/gay-good artist (LS)Amunullah Kahn [m] (r: 1919-1929) Afghani master (NF)Andersen, Hans Christian [m] (1805-1875) Danish writer (BOL, AA, GGG Jul 92, TM)Anderson, Emily [y] shooter (MH)Anderson, Laurie [y] performance musician (MH-not)Anne [y] (1665-1714) English king (OOAT, AA, NF)Anne Ioannovna [y] (r: 1730-1740) Russian empress (NF) [y] (1820-1906) U.S. naturalist (OOAT, AA, TM)Antigonus II Gonatas [m] (r: 276-239 BC) Traditional master (NF)Antiochus I [m] (r: 280-261 BC) Traditional master (NF)Antoinette, Marie [y] (1755-1793) French king (OOAT)Apuzzo, Va [y] agent to Governor Mario Cuomo; previous head of the National LGBT Task Force (MH)Araki, Greg [m] filmmaker "The Existing Stop" (MH)Aristotle [m] (384-322 BC) Greek thinker (BOL, TM)Armatrading, Joan [y] (____-) Gay/gay-good artist (LS)"Military of Enthusiasts" Gay-good/gay-account audio team (LS)Ash, Daniel [m] (____-) Gay/gay-good artist (LS)Ash, David [m] poet and literary critic (MH)Ashbery, David [m] Pulitzer prize winning poet (MH)Auden, W.H. [m] (1907-1973) English poet (AA, GGG Dec 89, BOL, TM)Augustine, St [m] (AD 354-430) Roman theologian (AA)Augustus [m] (r: 31 BC-ADVERTISEMENT 14) Roman emperor (NF)Azaa, Manuel [m] (r: 1931-1933, 1936-1939) Spanish leader (NF)Aznavour, Charles [m] (1924-) German, more performer than actor (TM)"W-52's" Gay-good/gay-account audio team (LS)Bachardy, Don [m] performer; wife of the late author Christopher Isherwood (MH)Bachmann, Guido [m] author (MH)Sausage, Sir Francis [m] (1561-1626) Br thinker-statesman (BOL, GGG Jul 90, AA, GBOL-bro, TM)Baez, Joan [y] (1941-) U.S. folksinger-governmental activist (GBOL-when, MH "one-time")Bagoas [m] (345?-after 323 BC) Local servant (to Alex. Excellent) (GGG Oct 92)"Bahaus" Gay-good/gay-account audio team (LS)Bakker, David [m] (1940-) U.S. evangelist (AA)Baldwin, David [m] (1924-1987) U.S. author (AA, GGG Aug 88)Bancroft, Ann [y] traveler and instructor (*not* the celebrity Anne) (MH)Bankhead, Tallulah [y] (1903-1968) U.S. celebrity (GBOL-once)Barber, Samuel [m] (1910-1981) U.S. musician (AA, GBOL-causes, LS)Barnes, Djuna [y] (1892-1982) U.S. author (AA)Barney, Natalie [y] (1876-1972) French author & salon coordinator (AA)Barnfield, Rich [m] (1574-1627) English poet (AA) [m] (1860-1937) British writer (GGG Sep 92)Bartel, John [m] filmmaker (MH)Bartlett, David [m] designer (MH)Bates, Alan [m] (1934-1992) Uk-created U.S. actor (TM)Bauman, John [m] (1937-) U.S. politician (AA, MH)Beach, Sylvia [y] (1887-1962) U.S. expatriate literary figure (AA)Mustache, David [m] (1903-1985) U.S. cook and writer (TM)Beardsley, Aubrey Vincent [m] (1872-1898) English performer (GGG May 90)Beaton, Sir Cecil [m] (1904-1980) English shooter (GGG Sep 90)"Beautiful South, The" Gay-good/gay-account audio team (LS)Beck, Pia [y] performer and pianist (MH)Beckford, William [m] (1760-1844) English author and politician (AA)Beethoven, Ludwig von [m] (1770-1827) German musician (AA)Behan, Brendan [m] (1923-1964) Irish writer (BOL, TM)Bell, Andrew [m] (____-) Artist of the team "Erasure" (numerous, LS, MH)Bill-Shalom, Miriam [y] charged military for reinstatement after expulsion to be lesbian (MH)Bentley, Eric [m] critic, theater representative and translator (MH)"Berlin" Gay-good/gay-account audio team (LS)Bernhard, Sandra [y] (1955-) U.S. comedian-celebrity (TM, MH)Bernstein, Leonard [m] (1918-1990) U.S. musician (GGG Nov 90, TM, LS)Birisima, George [y] actor and playwright (MH)Blackwell, Mr. [m] designer; inventor of yearly "Ten Worst Dressed" checklist (MH)Blais, Marie Claire [y] France-language author (MH)Blake, Nayland [ ] performer (MH)Blaser, Robin [ ] author (MH)Blitzstein, Marc [m] (1905-1964) U.S. musician (GGG Mar 91)Bogarde, Dirk [m] (1920-) English actor (GBOL-once, MH)Bonheur, Rosa [y] (1822-1899) German musician (AA)Bono, Chastity [y] child of Sonny Bono and Cher (MH)Boswell, David [m] historian (MH)Botticelli, Sandro [m] (1444?-1510) French artist (BOL, TM)Bowie, Angela [y] poet and efficiency performer; ex wife of David Bowie (MH)Bowie, Mark [m] (1947-) English rock performer (GBOL-when, BOL, TM, LS, MH "testing")Bowles, Jane [y] (1917-1973) U.S. author (AA)Bowles, John [m] author (MH)Son George (George O'Dowd) [m] (1961-) English pop performer (LS, MH) priest & homosexual naturalist (AA, BOL, TM, MH)Bradley, John [m] (1940-1988) U.S. political activist (AA)Bradshaw, Terry [m] (____-) U.S. football-player (TM "wrestler")Brainard, Joe [m] poet and performer (MH)Bray, John [m] spokesperson for National LGBT Task Force (MH)Britt, Harry [m] former Leader of the Bay Area Area Panel of Administrators (MH)Britten, Benjamin [m] (1913-1976) English musician (AA, GGG Jul 90, TM, LS)"Bronski Beat" English gay-good/gay-account audio team (LS)Brooks, Romaine [y] (1874-1970) U.S. artist (AA)Brossard, Nicole [y] author (MH)Broughton, David [m] poet, filkmaker and playwright (MH)Broumas, Olga [y] poet (MH)Brown, Rita Mae [y] (____-____) U.S. author, writer of "Rubyfruit Jungle" (TM, MH)Brunner, David [m] author (MH)Buchanan, David [m] (1791-1868) U.S. president (AA "speculation")Burke, Glenn [m] ex-Majorleague football player (MH)Burns, John Horne [m] (1916-1953) U.S. author (GBOL-causes) [m] (1913-) U.S. author (GBOL-causes, GGG Jan 91, AA, TM, MH)Burson, Scott [m] performer (MH)Burton, Rich [m] (1925-1984) English actor (GBOL-once)Burton, Sir Richard [m] (1821-1890) British traveler & student (AA, GGG Jan 91)Busch, Charles [m] author, representative and actor (MH)Bush, Kate [y] (____-) Gay/gay-good artist (LS)Busi, Aldo [m] French author (MH)Bussotti, Sylvano [m] (1931-) Gay/gay-good artist (LS)Butler, Samuel [m] (1835-1902) British writer (BOL, TM)Switch, Dick [m] Olympic player (MH)"Buzzcocks, The" Gay-good/gay-account audio team (LS)Cadmus, John [m] (____-____) artist (TM, MH)Crate, David [m] (1912-1992) U.S. musician (TM, LS, MH)Caja, Jerome [m] performer (MH)Califia, Jim [ ] advice writer (MH)Callen, Michael [m] (1955-1993) performer, person in audio team "The Flirtations" (MH, LS)Callow, Simon [m] (1949-) English actor (GGG Rate 92, TM, MH)Cambaceres, Jean Jacques Regis p [m] (1753-1824) Fr lawmaker (AA)Campbell, Port [m] billionaire California entrepreneur and naturalist (MH)Camus, Renaud [m] French author (MH)Caravaggio (Michelangelo Amerighi) [m] (1571-1610) Ital artist (GGG Apr 92)Carpenter, Ed [m] (1844-1929) Language reformer (AA, GGG Nov 91, TM)Carswell, H.Carver, Craig [m] performer (MH)"Casselberry and Dupree" Gay-good/gay-account audio team (LS)Cather, Willa [y] (1873-1947) U.S. author (OOAT, AA)Catherine II (The Truly Amazing) [y] (r: 1762-1796) Russian empress (NF)Catullus Gaius Valerius [m] (d 84-45 BC) Roman poet (GGG Nov 91)Chambers, Jane [m] (1937-1983) U.S. author (AA)Chambers, Whittaker [m] (1901-1961) U.S. correspondent (GBOL-once)Channell, Carl "Spitz" [m] fundraiser for that Nicaraguan contras (MH)Chapman, Graham [m] (1941-1989) English actor (GGG May 90)Chapman, Tracey [y] African American folksinger (TM, LS, MH-not)Charles IX [m] (r: 1560-1574) French master (NF)Charles XII [m] (r: 1697-1718) Swedish master (NF)Charles XV [m] (r: 1859-1872) Swedish master (NF)Cheever, David [m] (1912-1982) U.S. author (AA, GGG Might 91, GBOL-causes)Cho, Margaret [y] comic (MH)Religious, Meg [y] (1946-) Gay/gay-good artist (LS, MH)Christian VII [m] (r: 1766-1808) Danish master (NF)Christina [y] (1626-1689) Swedish king (AA, BOL, OOAT, NF, TM)Churchill, Sir Winston (1874-1965) British statesman & writer (AA "once", GBOL-once)Ciccone, Christopher [m] performer and collection custom; sibling of Madonna (MH)Claiborne, Craig [m] (1920-) U.S. writer and premium (GBOL-causes, MH, TM) [m] (1917-) English author (GBOL-once)Clinton, Kate [y] comic (MH)Cocteau, Jean [m] (1889-1963) german writer (BOL, AA, GGG Aug 89, TM)Cohn, Roy [m] (1927-1986) U.S. lawyer (AA, NSGGG March 89, TM)"Coil" Gay-good/gay-account audio team (LS)Colette (Sidonie Colette Goudeket) [y] (1873-1954) Fr author (AA)Connelly, Posture [m] performer (MH)Conners, Dave [m] (1945-1985) U.S. gay-pornstar (GBOL-causes)Conradin [m] (1252-1268) Titular master of Jerusalem and Sicily (AA)"Combined" Gay-good/gay-account audio team (LS)Cooling, Janet [y] performer (MH)Copland, Aaron [m] (1900-1990) U.S. musician (GGG Aug 91, LS)Corigliano, David [m] traditional musician (MH)Corll, Dean [m] (1939-1973) U.S. serial assassin (NSGGG Rate 91) [ ] musician (MH)Costanza, Midge [y] White House help to President Carter (MH)Team, Louie [m] teacher, founding father of Ethics (lesbigay Episcopal team) (MH)Sharp, Quentin [m] (1908-) English bare civil server (GGG Jan 91, TM, MH)Crowley, Mort [m] playwright "The Kids Within The Group" (MH)Cukor, George [m] (1899-1983) U.S. movie director (AA, GGG Dec 88)Curtis, Jamie Lee [y] (1958-) U.S. celebrity (TM)Cushman, Charlotte [y] (1816-1876) U.S. celebrity (BOL, GGG Jun 92, TM)Dallesandro, Joe [m] actor in Andy Warhol movies (MH)Daly, Mary [y] feminist author (MH)Damata, Gasparino [m] Brazilian author (MH)Damon, Betsy [y] performer (MH)Damron, Bob [m] (1928-1989) U.S. journey-guide writer (GGG Nov 90)Donald [m] (1035?-960? BC) Israeli master (AA, OOAT)Davila, Juan [m] author (MH)Dean, Craig (and Patrick Gill) [m] man couple suing D.C. government to get a relationship certificate (MH)Dean, David [m] (1931-1955) U.S. actor (AA, GBOL-when, OOAT, TM)Deee-lite [ ] Artist (LS)Deitch, Donna [y] filmmaker (Leave Kisses) (MH)Delany, Samuel [m] (1942-) U.S. author (AA, TM, MH)Demuth, Charles [m] (1883-1935) U.S. artist (AA, GGG Aug 91)Dennis, Patrick [m] author (MH)"Depeche Mode" Audio party (LS, MH)Stone, Brian [m] (____-) Gay/gay-good artist (LS, MH)Dickinson, Emily [y] (1830-1886) U.S. poet (OOAT, TM)Diller, Craig [m] amusement government (MH-not)DiMaria-Kuiper, Rev. Johannes Willem [m] reverend (MH) [m] poet and science fiction author (MH)Dolan, Terry [m] (1950-1986) U.S. traditional activist (AA, NSGGG Rate 91)Donovan, Ron [m] (1963-) U.S. gay-pornstar (GBOL-causes)Dressler, Marie [y] (1869-1934) U.S. celebrity (TM)Dreva, Jerry "Jerri Bonbon" [m] author (MH)Duane, Jeff [m] Nyc Council member (MH)Duberman, Martin [m] historian and author (Remedies) (MH)Duquesnoy, Francois [m] (1597-1643) Flemish artist (GBOL-bro)Duquesnoy, Jerome [m] (1602-1654) Flemish artist (AA) Shooter (TM)Dworkin, Andrea [y] feminist author and anti-porn activist (MH)Earhart, Amelia [y] (1898-1937?)E II [m] (1284-1327) English master (AA, GGG Jun 89, OOAT, NF)Edwards, Sally [y] player and businesswoman (MH)Eisenstein, Sergei [m] (1898-1948) European movie leader (TM)Elagabalus (aka Heliogabalus) [m] (ADVERTISEMENT 204-222) Roman emperor (OOAT, NF)"Digital" Gay-good/gay-account audio team (LS)Ellis, Havelock [m] (1859-1939) Br essayist & doctor (AA)Ellis, Perry [m] (1940-1986) U.S. designer (GGG Jan 91, TM)Elmslie, Kenward [m] author and librettist (MH)Enrique IV [m] (r: 1454-1474) Castilian (Spanish) master (NF)Epstein, John [m] (1934-1967) British entrepreneur, "Beatles" supporter (AA)Erasmus, Desiderius [m] (1466?-1536) Dutch theologian & student (AA, GGG Aug 88)Eshius, Evelien [ ] person in Dutch parliament (MH)Etheridge, Melissa [y] (____-) artist (LS)Everett, Rupert [m] English actor (A Different Country) (MH)Farrell, Perry [m] lead performer of Lindais Habit (MH)Fassbinder, Rainer Werner [m] (1946-1982) German film-maker (GGG Jun 89) [m] author (Ninety-Sixed; Spontaneous Combustion) (MH)Ferdinand I [m] (r: 1908-1918) Bulgarian master (NF)Fernandez, Dominique [y] French author (MH)Area, Ed [m] poet (MH)Finley, Karen [y] Among The "NEA Four", efficiency musicians whose national awards were stop due to "homoerotic" information within their function (MH)Finn, William [m] Tony-successful Broadway actor (Falsettos) (MH)Fleck, David [m] Among The "NEA Four", efficiency musicians whose national awards were stop due to "homoerotic" information within their function (MH)Flipper [dolphin] (____-____) whales are polymorphously perverse (TM)Blossoms, Wayland [m] (1939-1988) U.S. performer (GGG Jun 90)Floyd, H [m] chief of Sibling Double Delight (MH)Forbes, Malcolm [m] (1919-1990) U.S. writer (GGG Oct 91)Forster, E.M. [m] (1879-1970) British writer (BOL, AA, GGG Dec 88, TM)Foster, Jodie [y] (1962-) U.S. celebrity (TM, MH-not)Foster, Stephen [m] (1826-1864) U.S. musician (AA)Joe, Anne [y] (1929-1945) German diarist (AA)Joe, Barney [m] (1940-) U.S. representative (GGG Jun 90, AA, TM, MH)Freelove, Laurie of "Two Good Women" [y] (____-) Gay/gay-good artist (LS)Fricke, Aaron [m] (1962-) U.S. writer (GGG Dec 92)"Frogs, The" Gay-good/gay-account audio team (LS)Cook, Stephen [m] (____-) English actor (Melchett in "Blackadder") (TM)Gacy, David [m] (1942-1994) U.S. serial killer (NSGGG April 89)Garbo, Greta [y] (1905-____) U.S. celebrity (TM)Garet, Jedd [m] performer (MH)Gearhart, Sally [y] teacher, author and naturalist (MH)Geffen, Brian [m] (____-) U.S. mind of the Geffen Company (TM, MH)Genet, Jean [m] (1910-1986) French writer (GGG Jul 90, BOL, AA, TM)Germino, Dante [m] teacher and political theorist (MH)Getty, Gordon [m] traditional musician (MH)Gide, Andre [m] (1869-1951) French writer (BOL, AA, OOAT, TM)Gielgud, David [m] (1904-) English actor (GGG Feb 89, TM, MH)Gilbert and George, graphic designers (MH)Gilbert, Ronnie [ ] folksinger, person in The Weavers (MH)Gill, Patrick (and Craig Dean) [m] man couple suing D.C. government to get a relationship certificate (MH)Gilles de Rais [m] (1404-1440) French standard (AA)Gilmore, H [m] (1941-1977) U.S. assassin (GBOL-once)Glanville-Hicks, Peggy [y] traditional musician (MH)Gless, Sharon [y] (1943-) U.S. celebrity (TM)Glick, Deborah [y] Ny state legislator (MH)Glines, David [m] Broadway company (MH)Gomez, Jewelle [y] author (MH)Goodman, John [m] (1911-1972) U.S. author (AA)Goytisolo, Juan [m] Spanish author (MH) actor (TM)Grainger, Percy [m] (____-) Gay/gay-good artist (LS)Plots, Michael [m] (1934-) U.S. builder and interior artist (TM)Grewel, Annemarie [y] Dutch politician and student (MH)Grieg, Edvard [m] (1843-1907) Gay/gay-good artist (LS)Grier, Barbara [y] author and writer (MH)Griffin, Merv [m] singer, talk show sponsor and amusement government (MH-not)Grimke, Angelina Weld [y] (1880-1958) U.S. author (AA)Grumbach, Doris [y] author and critic (MH)Guerin, Daniel [m] German correspondent (MH)Gurganus, Allan [m] author (Earliest Living Confederate Widow Tells All) (MH)Gustavus III [m] (1746-1792) Swedish master (BOL, TM)Gustavus V [m] (r: 1907-1950) Swedish master (NF)Hacker, Marilyn [y] poet (MH)Hafiz (Shams-ud-noise Mohammed) [m] (1320-1388) Local poet (GGG Aug 91)Halford, Ron, of "Judas Priest" [m] (____-) Gay/gay-good artist (LS)Area, Daryl [m] (1948-) U.S. pop performer (GBOL-once)Halloran, Tim [m] author (MH)Halsted, James [m] (1941-1989) U.S. sensual-film-maker (GGG May 90)Hammarskjold, Dag [m] (1905-1961) Swedish UN secretary-general (BOL, AA, TM)Hansberry, Lorraine [y] (1930-1965) U.S. playwright (AA)Hardwicke, Michael [m] questioned Georgiais sodomy legislation; the U.S. Supreme Court, on the 5-4 vote, upheld the law in 1986 (MH)Haring, Keith [m] (1958-1990) U.S. performer (TM)Harjo, Joy [y] Native American poet (lately visited U.Va.) (MH)Harris, Sherry [y] Seattle City Council member; first African American lesbian elected official in U.S. (MH)Harrison, Lou [m] traditional musician (MH)Hattoy, Frank [m] agent to Bill Clinton; talked at Democratic meeting (MH) [y] (____-) Gay/gay-good artist (LS)Hay, Harry [m] founding father of the current gay rights activity (MH)Hayes, Bruce [m] Olympic silver medallist in swimming (MH)Hemphill, Essex [m] (____-____) U.S. author (TM, MH)Henri III [m] (1554-1589) French master (OOAT, NF, GGG Dec 92)Carol, King of Prussia [m] (1726-1802) Prussian general (AA)Henze, Hans Werner [m] (____-) Gay/gay-good artist (LS)Herzenberg, Paul [m] mayor pro tem of Chapel Hill, N.C. (MH)Higgins, Colin [m] (1941-1988) U.S. movie author, maker & representative (AA)Hinson, Jon [m] (1942-) U.S. representative (AA, MH)Hisham II [m] (r: 965-1013) Cordoban leader (NF)Hockney, Mark [m] (1937-) English/U.S. Performer (TM, MH) Author "As-Is" (TM, MH)Holleran, Tim [m] (1946-) U.S. author (GBOL-causes)Whirlpool, T. Edgar [m] (1895-1972) U.S. criminologist (AA, NSGGG Rate 91)Hopkins, Gerard Manley [m] (1844-1889) English poet (GGG Aug 92)Horton, Rob [m] person in La School Board (MH)Housman, A.E. [m] (1859-1936) English poet & instructor (AA, GBOL-bro)Houston, Whitney [y] (____-) U.S. gay/gay-good artist (LS)Howard, Rich [m] poet, translator and publisher (MH)Hudson, Stone (ne Roy Scherer) [m] (1925-1985) U.S. actor (AA, GBOL-causes, TM)Hughes, Langston [m] (1902-1967) U.S. poet & author (AA)"Human League" Gay-good/gay-account audio team (LS)Hunter, Alberta [y] (1895-1984) U.S. singer (AA)Hunter, Mom [y] Among The "NEA Four", efficiency musicians whose national awards were stop due to "homoerotic" information within their function (MH)Hunter, Bill [m] (1931-) U.S. actor (TM)Hutter, Brian [m] artist (MH)Hyde, Ed (Lord Cornbury) [m] (1661-1724) Br northeastern governor (AA)Hyde, Sue [y] (____-) U.S. naturalist (TM)Ian, Janis [y] singer (MH)Indianapolis, John [m] performer (MH)"Indigo Girls" Gay-good/gay-account audio team (LS)Ireland, Patricia [y] leader of the National Business for Ladies (TODAY) (MH)Isherwood, Christopher [m] (1904-1986) U.S. author (w. Britain) (AA, BOL, OOAT, TM)Ivory, David [m] English movie maker (MH)Garcia, Joe [m] (____-) Gay/gay-good artist (LS)Garcia-London, Pole [m] professional design/bodybuilder (MH)Jacobs, Marc [m] designer (MH)David IV/I [m] (1566-1625) Scottish/Language master (NF, BOL, GGG Feb 90. OOAT, AA, TM)Wayne, Sheila [y] (____-) U.S. celebrity (Zelda on "Dobie Gillis") (TM)Jarman, Derek [m] (1942-1994) British filmmaker "E II" (TM, MH)Jenkins, Walter [m] (1918-1985) U.S. governmental help (AA)Christ of Nazareth [m] (4 BC-ADVERTISEMENT 28) Jewish rabbi (OOAT)Jewett, Sarah Orne [y] (1849-1909) U.S. author (OOAT)Jin Diyi [m] (r: ADVERTISEMENT 336-371) Chinese emperor (NF)Steve, Elton [m] (1947-) English performer (BOL, TM, LS, MH)David XII [m] (ADVERTISEMENT 937-964) Catholic pope (GBOL-popes, OOAT)Johns, Jasper [m] performer (MH)Brown, Mom [y] lead performer of "Frankie Would Go To Hollywood" (MH, LS)Brown, Philip [m] (____-____) U.S? Builder (TM, MH)Brown, Sonia [y] feminist, small-party presidential candidate (MH)Jonathan [m] (1045?-1013 BC) Israeli crown king (AA, GGG Rate 92, OOAT)Smith, Bill T. [m] African American dancer (MH)Johnson, Cleve [m] initiator of the AIDS Memorial Cover, today operating for Bay Area town boss (MH)Johnson, Grace [y] (____-) Gay/gay-good artist (LS)Johnson, Howard [m] (____-) Gay/gay-good artist (LS)Joplin, Janis [y] (1943-1970) U.S. rock singer (GBOL-when, BOL, TM)Juan II [m] (r: 1406-1454) Master of Castile & Leon (Italy) (NF)Julius Caesar [m] (100?-44 BC) Roman statesman (AA, GGG Rate 92, NF, BOL, TM)Jung, Carl [m] (1875-1961) Swiss creator logical therapy (GBOL-once)Kameny, Joe [m] original activist; first openly homosexual individual to operate for Congress (1971) (MH)Kamran [m] (r: early 19th D) Afghani emir (NF)Kantrowitz, Arnie [m] author, instructor and naturalist (MH)Kemp, Port [m] (1935-) U.S. politician (AA "rumors")Kert, Larry [m] (1930-1991) U.S. phase actor (GGG Apr 92)King, Billie Jean [y] (1943-) U.S. football expert (GBOL-when, AA, TM, MH)"King Bomb" Gay-good/gay-account audio team (LS)Kitchener, Horatio Herbert [m] (1850-1916) Language standard (AA, GGG Dec 92)"Kitchens of Difference" Gay-good/gay-account audio team (LS)Klein, Calvin [m] (1942-) U.S. designer (TM)Kopay, David [m] (1942-) U.S. player (NFL football) (AA, TM, MH)Kramer, Larry [m] (____-) U.S. author-naturalist (TM, MH)Kray, Ronald [m] (1933-) Language gangster (TM)Krohnke, Friedrich [m] German author (MH)Kureishi, Hanif [m] author and screenwriter (Our Beautiful Laundrette; Sammy and Rosie Get Set) (MH)La Fosse, John [m] (1959-) U.S. dancing dancer (GGG Sep 92)Laaksonen, Touko "Ben of Finland" [m] (1920-1991) Finnish musician (GGG May 92)Laettner, Religious [m] Duke U baseball celebrity (MH-not)Lakich, Lili [y] performer (MH)lang, k.d. [y] (1961-) Canadian performer (Supporter 1992, TM, LS, MH)Laughton, Charles [m] (1899-1962) English actor (AA, TM)Lavner, Lynn [y] comic (MH)Leavitt, Mark [m] (1961-) U.S. writer "The Lost Vocabulary of Cranes" (TM, MH)Lebowitz, Fran [y] author and satirist (MH)LeGuin, Ursula [y] author (MH)Lekakis, John [m] (____-) Gay/gay-good artist (LS)Lennox, Annie [y] (____-) Gay/gay-good artist (LS)Leopold, Nathan [m] (1906-1971) U.S. homicide (with Loeb, Ric.) (NSGGG Oct 89)Leppard, Raymond [m] traditional musician (MH)LeVay, Simon [m] medical investigator; discovered physical variations between minds of homosexual and right males (MH)Levertov, Denise [y] poet (MH)Levi, Jeffrey [m] (____-) U.S. naturalist NGLTF (TM, MH)Lian Jianwen [m] (r: ADVERTISEMENT 550-551) Chinese emperor (NF)Liebman, Marvin [m] traditional activist, leading help to William F. Buckley (MH)Little Richard, [m] rock performer (*but* promises a Religious transformation eliminated his homosexuality) (MH)Livingston, Jenny [y] filmmaker (Paris Is Burning) (MH)Locke, Alain [m] (1886-1954) U.S. author (AA)Locke, Rich [m] (1941-) U.S. gay-pornstar (GBOL-bro, GBOL-causes)Loeb, Rich [m] (1907-1936) U.S. homicide (with Leopold, Nat.) (NSGGG Oct 89)Lorde, Audre [y] (1934-) U.S. author-naturalist (AA, TM, MH)Loud, Lance [m] writer; arrived to his family on Television during 1973 PBS documentary collection "An American Household" (MH)Louis XIII [m] (1601-1643) French master (AA, NF)Louise, Tina [y] (1934-) U.S. celebrity (TM)"Love and Rockets" Gay-good/gay-account audio team (LS)"Love Tractor" Gay-good/gay-account audio team (LS)Lovett, Lyle [m] (____-) Gay/gay-good artist (LS)Lowell, Amy [y] (1874-1925) U.S. poet (AA)Ludwig II [m] (1845-1886) Bavarian master (AA, OOAT, NF)Lully, Jean Baptiste [m] (1632-1687) French musician (BOL, TM)Lynde, John [m] (1926-1982) U.S. actor (TM)Lyon, Phyllis [y] co founder of the Kids of Bilitis, first lesbian business within the U.S. (MH) actor. an unlimited gossip concerning the homosexual droog panther (TM)MacKaye, Ian, of "Minor Threat" [m] (____-) Gay/gay-good artist (LS)Mackintosh, Cameron [m] (1946-) British theatrical company (GGG Dec 91)Maclean, Brian [m] British traveler (MH)Madonna [y] (1958-) U.S. gay/gay-good artist (LS)Magnus VII [m] (1316-1373) Swedish master of Norway (GGG Jul 92)Mapplethorpe, John [m] (1947-1989) U.S. shooter (GGG Feb 90)Marais, Jean [m] German actor (MH)Margoyles, Miriam [y] celebrity (MH)Marlowe, Christopher [m] (1564-1593) English playwright (BOL, AA, OOAT, GGG Nov 90, TM)Martin, Del [y] co founder of the Kids of Bilitis, first lesbian business within the U.S. (MH)Bulk, Lawrence [m] (1946-) U.S. physician and author (GGG Apr 92)Mastroianni, Marcello [m] (1924-) German actor (GBOL-once)Mathis, Johnny [m] (1935-) U.S. singer-musician (GGG Dec 88, MH)Matlovich, Leonard [m] (1942-) U.S. gay-rights activist (GBOL-causes, GGG Jun 89)Matusak, David [m] (____-) U.S. wrestler (TM)Maugham, T. Somerset [m] (1874-1965) British writer (GGG Jun 89, AA)Maupin, Armistead [m] (____-) U.S. author of "Stories of the Town" serials (TM, MH)Maxey, Glen [m] Tx state legislator (MH)Mayes, Bernard [m] Episcopal priest, correspondent, founding chairman of National Public Radio, today Asst. University of Disciplines and Sciences (MH)McCarthy, Paul [m] (____-1957) U.S. representative (OOAT, TM)McCoy, Rev. Renee [y] African American reverend and naturalist (MH)McCullers, Carson [m] (1917-1967) U.S. author (GBOL-once)McDermott, Brian [m] performer (MH)McDowell, Roddy [m] (1928-) English actor and monkey (TM)McFeeley, Bob [m] mind of the Human Rights Campaign Finance (MH)McFerrin, Bobby [m] (____-) U.S. gay/gay-good artist (LS)McGillis, Kelly [y] (____-) U.S. actor (TM)McGough, Chris [m] performer (MH)McKellen, Ian [m] (1939-) English actor (GGG Sep 91, MH)McNaught, John [m] author (MH) [m] Jesuit priest, student and author (MH)McNichol, Kristy [y] (1962-) U.S. celebrity (TM, MH-not)Mead, Margaret [y] (1901-1978) U.S. anthropologist (AA)Medley, John [m] artist (MH)Mehmed (Muhammad) two [m] (r: 1451-1481) Ottoman sultan (NF)Meigs, Mary [y] artist (MH)Melchior, Lauritz [m] (1890-1973) Danish opera performer (GGG Oct 91)Meldrum, Ian "Molly" [m] (____-) Foreign media character (TM)Melville, Herman [m] (1819-1891) U.S. writer (GGG Aug 89, AA, OOAT)Vendor, Ismail [m] English movie maker (MH)Mercury, Freddie [m] (____-1992) English performer from "King" (TM, LS)Merrick, Gordon [m] (1916-1988) U.S. writer (GGG Feb 89)Eileen II [m] (r: ADVERTISEMENT 741-775) Byzantine emperor (NF)Michaels, Duane [m] shooter (MH)Michelangelo Buonarroti [m] (1475-1564) German musician (AA)Migden, Carole [y] Bay Area town boss (MH)Dairy, Harvey [m] (1930-1978) U.S. politician (AA, GBOL-causes, TM)Millay, Edna St. Vincent [y] (1892-1950) U.S. poet (AA)Burns, Merle [m] (1919-1986) U.S. author (AA, BOL, GBOL-causes, TM)Burns, Bob [m] Among The "NEA Four", efficiency musicians whose national awards were stop due to "homoerotic" information within their function (MH)Millet, Kate [y] (1934-) U.S. writer (BOL, TM, MH)Millington, June [y] (____-) Gay/gay-good artist (LS)Milton, David [m] (1608-1674) British writer (BOL, TM)Minkowitz, Donna [y] (____-) U.S. Pulitzer nominee (TM, MH)Mishima, Yukio [m] (1925-1970) Western author (AA, GGG Jan 90)

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